Monday, 18 August 2008

Weight Loss Top Tips #2

With great ideas coming hard and fast, I want to follow on from my last hard hitting post (Weight Loss Tips #1), where I really beat up the TV slobs (my being an ex-TV slob gives me the right!), it's time to turn on to what you can do to start to lose weight without resorting to anything that is not nice to do.


Yep, after being so tough in my last post, now I'm turning mega-soft on you. That's because I am as well aware as anyone that if you are going to be forced to do things in order to lose some weight, then you're going to resist doing them!

That's why so many diets and exercise regimes fail people. It's simple human nature. People in general don't like doing anything they don't like doing! If that sounds simplistic, then it is exactly that. To get someone to do anything, you have to make it something they want to do.

What Do You Want to Do?

So when it comes to losing weight, the very best way to get started is to find something that you enjoy doing or something that you think you would enjoy doing. To do this, it boils down to individual likes and dislikes. That's because not everyone is the same and we don't all like doing the same things.

Some of us need a good plan now, while those who live to diet in earnest are going to get a better deal. There are all kinds of options, like meal replacement home delivery diets such as the Medifast, Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem diet to make it easy for you. It's your choice to make.

So what I plan to do with this blog is to give you some examples of simple things you can do. If you like the sound of any of them, then do them! Simple!

So the second of my tips is one I enjoy doing on a twice daily basis. And that's walking my dogs.

Walking the Dog!

Walking dogs is a therapeutic exercise for me as it gives me some quality thinking time while I spend time with the little guys and its an amusing time as well watching some of the antics they get up to as we walk around the streets and open space in the neighborhood where I live.

From an exercise standpoint I get some additional fat burn-boosting work because I live in a hilly area which makes me walk up and down hills. That makes my body work harder especially uphill and makes me breathe harder, raises my heart rate and makes me sweat.

These are the three things you need to aim for when you do any simple exercise if you want to start burning off that excess flab!
  1. Breathing harder
  2. Elevated heart rate
  3. Sweating
If you can get these three things happening when you're doing your stuff for a prolonged period of time - and that is more than 20 minutes by the way, then you'll start the process of losing weight naturally.

So that's it for now with the second of my tips and its a pretty enjoyable one - if you have a dog or dogs, that is. Until next time.

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