Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Does the Nutrisystem Diet Work?

Welcome back with a question that I bet plenty of people are asking and that's, "How reliable are Nutrisystem reviews?" Well, to answer that, you have to think along the lines of how any diet works and then the people that are going on the diet!

You see, not everyone will stick rigidly to any diet, no matter how good it may be and that's where they fall off and fail. Sure, its tough to stick with any diet and expect to enjoy yourself, but that's what has to happen if you want to lose weight. But there's more to it than even that.

What a lot of people who take on this or that latest great diet is they fail to combine that with exercise. That's right! It's no good dieting and not exercising as well. Do you want to know why?

When you are dieting and your body is not burning the calories you are consuming, you will still not lose any weight. You can even gain weight while you're on a diet if you don't exercise! Bet you didn't know that! Its true, because when you are not exercising, you are simply not burning many calories. If your intake of calories is high, you will gain weight pretty fast. So dieting can actually do no good without the body burning the calories its consuming.

What happens when you further restrict the calorie intake by going on a strict diet is that your body goes into survival mode which is a mechanism it has to cope with times of no or little food. It slows the metabolism and still manages to store some of the calories you consume as fat, even when you are consuming very few calories.

When you exercise, however, you start burning more calories and then your body starts to use up what you're consuming and then more. Then you start to use up the store of fat cells and your weight will begin to drop. That's how it works.

So going on something like the Nutrisystem diet can work very well as long as you also do some daily exercise to burn off the calories you consume. If you don't, then no diet system will work and you'll just give them all a bad press because you're too lazy to help yourself by doing the exercise that is essential to your success!

Think about that the nest time you read a diet review!

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