Monday, 16 November 2009

Weight Loss Spells?

Back again and with this post I want to take a look at some of the more less thought about weight loss methods and strategies that exist but that are every bit as valid as the mainstream ideas that are generally put about. So first of all, what am I talking about here when the title of this post says... "spells?" Well, I'll show you...

I'm not going to be going into the occult or paranormal here, far from it. All that stuff is probably better left to the Hollywood move makers imaginations to try to scare the hell out of us all!

No, what I'm going to look at here are some real life ways you can change your physical size by using the power of your own mind to work on your behalf, while using your body to work with the mainstream base methods such as eating the right foods and taking regular exercise.

Ok, I'll put a spell on you... first thing you should learn how to do is to meditate.


Meditation is absolutely the way to reduce stress in your life. It is stress that is helping your to gain weight by suppressing your body's own ability to function normally and shift the calories that you're putting in.

It is also making you put more calories in your body in the form of comfort eating or eating when your nervous or agitated. Ah, I see the light bulb glowing brightly above your head!

So by reducing stress, you place yourself in a stronger position to provide yourself with the right kind of weight loss aid so that you can deal with your size and your overall health while you're about it. Gets interesting, doesn't it?

Next up is to change your attitude. Far too many overweight people have a negative mental attitude which is keeping them locked in a cycle of weight gain and no way back. Get yourself into a positive frame of mind, one where you are certain beyond any shadow of a doubt that you are going to be losing weight naturally, and guess what starts to happen?

Yep, the pounds start dropping off as if by magic.

Magic spell?

Not really, just you setting your own mind the way you want it.

So there are some weight loss spells that aren't really spells at all, but natural, normal ways of thinking and being that can have a profound effect on your health and your body to provide the help that you need and deserve. So get smiling, get self-motivated, get positive and get out there to succeed!

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