Thursday, 24 July 2008

Weight Loss Top Tips #1

Following on from the introductory post here at Weight Loss Tips that was entitled simply: "Weight Loss Top Tips", its now time to set to work and set out the first of my truly mind blowing, yet obviously simple common sense means and ways of losing weight.

You may not like what this one is going to be, but if you're serious about wanting to lose some weight, then this is the first step.

Switch off the television!

I'm not joking, either. You would not believe the amount of a person's day that is wasted sitting in front of the TV! If this is you, then when would NOW be the best time to do something about it?

We only get one life and yet so many of us just waste a huge proportion of that life vegetating in front of the television. While we're sitting motionless watching whatever piece of crap is showing (and let's be brutally honest here, most of what you watch on the TV is pure, unadulterated crap), you are not burning off any of that excess weight. In fact, by spending so much time in a state of non-motion, your body is slowing its own metabolic rate down to match your level of motion, so that anything you eat will be metabolised that much slower.

And guess where all that very slowly metabolised food ends up? Stuck in your colon and gradually being converted into the stuff that fills up the body's fat cells.

Only the problem is much worse than you think. Most people eat when the clock says so and not when the body actually needs more food, so while you're body is still halfway through metabolising that last onslaught of fodder, you're starting to cram more food down your gullet that your body has no chance to process before the next food attack!

Think that this is a good way to treat your body?

I don't.

The first step towards even beginning down that road of weight loss is to get your body moving. Eating less will not help you. No diet will unless you get your metabolism moving like it should be and not slothfully as it does when you spend too much time in a state of catatonia.

So get up out of your chair and switch the damn TV off and get yourself moving! Go for a walk, go take the stairs two at a time, go play with your kids in the park (if you can pry them away from their Playstations) or if you have a dog take it for several walks a day and make 'em long ones!

Even doing daily chores like housework will get your muscles moving and force some blood around your body! If you live in a city, get out of it and breath some fresh air for a change. If you can't do that, then at least go and spend some time in your local park where there are some trees that will provide you with some more oxygen than your stuffy TV room ever did!

Ok, that's enough beating you up. I'm only being so hard because I had to be hard on myself to do the things I just described.

Yep, I was one of those TV slobs too and I was letting my life pass me by while watching more crap on the TV than I can remember! I did it - I got up off my lazy behind and switched the damn thing off. Then I started to live my life again! You can too.

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