Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Diet Food Delivery

You may or may not be aware of this, but really simple to use, meal replacement diet food delivery plans are growing in popularity these days with a whole bunch of companies now providing specially formulated low calorie, low GI carbohydrate based ready meals that are delivered to your door.

I bet that got your interest, didn't it? And I'm guessing you want to know some more about it, don't you?

What is Diet Home Delivery?

The easiest way to describe what this kind of dieting system happens to be is to let the descriptive name for it give you a clue. I mean they are packages of ready-made low calorie meals that are shipped to your home that you select from a menu, depending on the company program you chose to buy them from.

The most popular companies that provide this service are Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Medifast, Diet-to-Go and Bistro MD and they can all be accessed online via their respective websites. I explain these meal replacement diets in more detail in that article page I just linked to in blue.

The way they work is once you get them delivered, you simply put them all in your freezer and then just take one meal out at a time to replace your usual meal. They work really well when those that go on them stick to them and don't cheat.

Problem is, most people who go on diets to lose weight will cheat!


It's a simple fact of life, although the real downer about it is that many of those people who do cheat, then complain the loudest that their particular diet meal delivery plan didn't work for them. Then they'll go on to give a variety of concocted reasons why they think it didn't work, when really it failed because they were stuffing a load of garbage down their gullets when they thought no one was looking.

So what is to be done about it?

Nothing can be done, except to educate people that if they want to spend money on trying to lose weight they should at least be honest with themselves and stick with it, no matter how tempted they are to eat other stuff. Its all about willpower and determination. If a person is determined enough to lose weight, they will do what they have to do in order to do it. If they are only half-hearted about it, they will fail. Simple as that.

How to Stick with a Diet?

Only a very low percentage of people who really do stick with a delivery diet food plan without cheating fail to lose any weight. But even that can be explained. It is likely that those people just relied on the diet alone to make them lose weight and one of two things happened.

One: They didn't actually need to lose any weight in the first place, but they were trying to look like some skinny model they saw on TV or in a glossy magazine. In that case, the body knows what it should be like and attempts to achieve a lower weight than is healthy can result in the body simply slowing down its metabolic rate to compensate for the reduction in calories consumed.

What that means is the body won't actually lose any of its mass because it will still store fat from unused calories (sugars).

Two: They did need to lose a few pounds only, but they didn't combine the diet with some daily exercise to ensure their bodies were burning more calories than they were consuming. Creating a negative calorie balance through right eating and exercising is actually the secret sauce that will bring dieting success.

Stick to the Plan and Exercise Daily

Either way in the above two examples, the plan will seem to have failed. But for most people who do it the right way, by that I mean they stick to the diet, don't cheat and do some daily form of exercise, success is almost guaranteed.

This is because their regular eating regimen is often not very healthy and loaded with trans fats, sugars, high GI carbs and artificial additives. So switching to a healthier diet is often enough to kick start the body's metabolism and cause more calories to be burned than are being consumed.

That's the way to lose weight, after all!


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