Saturday, 15 November 2008

Slimming with Water

Well the last post "Losing Weight Naturally", got plenty of information down about the subject of shedding the pounds without resorting to the use of artificial means such as diet pills, chemical laden milk shakes or other dubious methods of losing weight.

Now I'll take the easy route and talk about one of the most natural substances anyone can possibly resort to in the war against the flab. Water is as natural as it gets and when you drink enough of it every day, you can't help but lose weight over time.

You see, most people do not drink enough water every day. They dehydrate without realising they are and to compensate, search for food in the form of snacks to fill the void. This is where weight gain comes from in many people and it can so easily be countered by knowing when you need to drink more fluid.

Not just any old fluid will do, unfortunately. You can't reach for a soda or sugary fizzy drink and expect that to make up part of your daily fluid intake. All you'll achieve by doing that is more weight gain and that includes so-called diet drinks.

Diet drinks contain artificial sweeteners which have a property that not many people know about. Apart from the dangers linking them to cancer (aspartame being one off the worst offenders) they also have a tendency to cause you body to crave more food, especially sweet or fatty things. Which will naturally cause weight gain! You can't help it!

So as far as some of the best weight loss tips can possibly go, ditch the sodas and the diet sodas and the isotonic drinks and the flavoured fizzy water and do yourself, your body and your waistline a big big favour and switch to plain water. And make sure you drink at least two to three pints a day.

Well, I hope that this has been a real eye opener for you and its something I wish I'd known about when I was much younger. Except back then, nobody really knew about this, at least not in the majority of cases, so as a teenager and young adult, I had no idea that lack of water was probably causing more damage than I realised and was setting me up for health problems in later life. When you're young, you think you know everything and nobody can tell you, right? But you have to kick yourself in the arse sometimes and wake up to the fact that you're not the genius you think you are and to bite the bullet and actually take somebody's advice once in a while!

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